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Storm advice for pets and animals

7 February 2017, 3:20PM AET

Do you have a ‘storm plan’ for your pets and animals?

This month NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) aims to highlight how pets, agisted animals and livestock owners should look after their animals during storms and in times of flood.

Sometimes we can take storms for granted, but spare a thought for your furry family members who need to be taken care of during storms. Unfortunately, our pets are often the last thing owners think about during such a chaotic time.

People ask us, ”How do I avoid my dog, cat and other animals from becoming victims of a storm?“

With thunderstorms still expected throughout NSW this summer, here are some short and simple tips to keep your pets and animals safe. Remember, preparation makes all the difference!

Before a Storm

  • Ensure your NSW SES Home Emergency Plan includes your pets and any agisted animals
  • Things to include in your plan may include whose responsibly it will be to bring your pet indoors before a storm and keeping your pet’s medications and vaccination papers handy in case you need to evacuate your property in a hurry
  • Make sure your pets have up-to-date identification and proof of vaccinations

During a Storm

  • Bring pets indoors making sure they have bedding, food, water and medications
  • If you are required to evacuate, take your pets with you making sure they are either leashed, muzzled and/or transported appropriately

After a Storm

  • Animals may be distraught, frightened or disoriented after a storm event (especially dogs who are sensitive to the sound of thunder and lightning)
  • If any animals are missing, check with local pounds, animal shelters, animal control authorities, RSPCA or boarding kennels

Remember your animals are your responsibility in times of storms.

To make your own Home Emergency Plan visit http://www.seshomeemergencyplan.com.au

For more safety information on how to protect your animals during a storm visit:




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Do you have a 'storm plan' for your pets and animals?


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